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Ar.Co does not identify with the premisses that orient the Waldorf Association, but is interested in the alternative character of Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogy and recognizes its ties with the history of 20th century art (Kandinsky, Klee, Mondrian, Beuys). The Board decides to support Vera Leroi’s efforts, providing a space for the association at Rua de Santiago 18, where conferences and other events will take place from 1978 onwards. The role of Art and creativity in the education of children and adults, in a perspective of social contribution (but also food, mathematics, medicine and the teaching of history, from an anthroposophic point of view) are among the themes that dominate the Waldorf Association’s initiatives at Ar.Co, until 1988.

  • Large cursos livres may vera leroi 1982

    Open Courses with Vera Leroi, 1982.