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Season's Greetings

Until 1993, Ar.co resorted frequently to the use of commercial Season’s Greetings cards in order to extend to institutions and publics its Christmas/New Year wishes. An illustration especially made by António Marques in 1994 starts the tradition of  having teachers, students or ex-students produce an image for a personalized Season’s Greetings card. The printed card, sent by mail, is at some point inevitably substituted by the electronic fixed image or short film, sent by e-mail or posted on-line.

  • Large 1995. a cart  o natal ant  nio marques 95

    Gouache by António Marques. Printed card, 1994.

  • Large 1995 cartao natal jorge nesbitt

    Gouache by Jorge Nesbitt. Printed card, 1995.

  • Large 1996 a natal jorge dos reis

    Typography by Jorge dos Reis. Printed card, 1996.

  • Large 1998 natal

    Image: Ar.Co's Photography department. Printed card (cover and back), 1998.

  • Large cartao natal 25 anosxxx

    Design by Robin Fior. Printed card, 1997.

  • Large 1999. a natal frederico ns 1999

    Photography by Frederico NS. Printed card, 1999.

  • Large 2000 cartao natal nuno martinho

    Photography by Nuno Martinho. Printed cerd. 2000.

  • Large 2001 claudio ferreira a cart  o natal

    Photography by Cláudio Ferreira. 2001.

  • Large 2002 natal 2002 01

    Disgn by Nuno Vale Cardoso/Ar.Co. Printed card (detail), 2002.

  • Large natal 2004 05

    Image by Francisco Tropa. Printed card, 2004.

  • Large 2006 natal 2006 02

    Gouache and graphite by Manuel Caldeira. Printed card, front and back, 2006.

  • Large 2007 n martinho natal 2007 01

    Photography by Nuno Martinho. Printed card, 2007.

  • Large 2009 fred j brand m branco e pedro branco natal 01

    Fimo works by Miguel and Pedro Branco. Photography by Frederico NS. Printed card, 2009.

  • Large 2010 monica russo natal 2010 01

    Gouache by Mónica Russo. Electronic card, 2010.

  • Large 2011 cartao electronico boas festas f arcoxxxx

    Studio of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts, Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada. Electronic card, 2011.

  • Large 2012 13 01

    Gouache on old postcard Jorge Nesbitt. Electronic card, 2012.

  • Large natal arco2015a

    Martina Manyà. 2015.

  • Ar.Co Video. 2013-14.

  • Ar.Co 2014/15. Special collaboration: André Constantino.
    Thanks to Ana Cristina Carqueijeiro for her special participation.

  • Large postal de natal 2017

    Piece by Maria Benedita, 2017. Image: Nuno Martinho.

  • Large vlcsnap 00001

    Sara Hagins and Marin Fanjoy-Labrenz (video), with the collaboration of Anita Tirone and Maria Bernardino. 2016.

  • Video by João Garcia, 2008.

  • Large boas festas 2018 19

    Image and design: Ar.Co's Photography department, 2018/19.