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Art History and Theory

Theory studies start in 1973: Salette Tavares is responsible for “Aesthetics”, José Luís Porfírio for “Critical History of Art” and there are Open Courses in this area, given by Lima de Freitas and by Harry Holtzman. In 1974/75 Pedro Vieira de Almeida and Manuel Rio de Carvalho provide orientation in the course subjects “Theoretical and Critical Frameworks” and “Critical History of Art”. Given the school’s hands-on ideology, however, theoretical studies will not follow the areas of practice when these convert to departments. Historical and theoretical approaches to the arts take place within the context of conferences or occasional open courses. Headed by Rui Sanches (who’s also mentioned as responsible for the Library/Documentation Centre), Art History and Theory will first emerge on an equal footing with the others training areas in the school’s 1986/87 information  leaflet.  The group of teachers is constituted by António Rodrigues, João Pinharanda, Manuel Castro Caldas and Rui Sanches himself (being joined in 1988 by Ruth Rosengarten and, in the years that follow, by Maria Helena de Freitas, Paulo Baptista and Maria da Graça Briz). Art History and Theory is structured in various levels and remains a complementary area in relation to the practical training sectors, whose curricula it does not yet integrate. General courses of Introduction to Art History are created, as well as others, more focused and restricted in their chronological or stylistic scope, eventually with a more theoretical or thematical orientation. Manuel Castro Caldas runs the department from 1988/89 onwards and there are new collaborations: José António Leitão, Delfim Sardo, Manuel Rodrigues, Fernando Paulo Dias and Manuela Correia Braga. Regular training units, with stable contents, unfold simultaneously with courses, workshops and conferences by guest teachers, dealing with specialized themes. In 1994, the department’s responsability belongs to António Campos Rosado. A Night schedule is also added in 1996. David Santos, Nuno Crespo, Joana Neves, João Queiroz, Sérgio Mah and Nuno Faria join the teaching staff. Once the need to complement practical training with historical and theoretical courses is fully recognized, the departments will also initiate programs of their own, designed to address their specific concerns and contents in a more direct way.  

  • Large curso harry holtzman 197

    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Harry Holtzman course. 1973.

  • Large curso harry holtzman 1973

    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Harry Holtzman course. 1973.

  • Large salette tavares

    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Salette Tavares, 1970s.

  • Large curso historias da esculturarui sanches 98 99 02

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    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Delfim Sardo 1994/95.

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    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Maria Manuela Correia Braga, 1996.

  • Large  1996

    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Jorge Lima Barreto, 1996/97.

  • Large curso wit nuno crespo 98 99

    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Nuno Crespo 1998/99.

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    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Pedro Proença, 1998/89.

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    Ar.Co. Art History and Theory. Manuel Rodrigues, 1994.