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Cinema/Movement Image

In 2004 the Board of Directors agrees to the experimental launching of a Course in “Video/Sound and New Art Media”. In the following year, Marcelo Costa, author of the proposal, will already run the course as a full department. Against the grain of  market trends, the approach to this area is not centered on the use of technology but, instead, on a culture of the movement image that includes sound and is oriented by general (that is, expanded) fine arts criteria. The structure and nature of the department’s programs will develop slowly, trying to capture in the training practice the subtleties that will make it adequate for the different types of students that show up (aspiring at becoming cinema directors, video artists, or simply aiming at becoming fluent in sound/image applications). This intentional ambiguity justify the successive changes in the department’s name (“Video/Audio and New Media” in 2006/07  and finally “Cinema/Movement Image” in 2007/08), as well as the variety of sensibilities and training of its collaborators. The work of conceiving and organizing the curriculum is initially left to a core group that includes Amândio Coroado, Pedro Fortes, Ricardo Guerreiro, Manuel Castro Caldas, Philip Cabau and Ricardo Matos Cabo. Numerous ad-hoc collaborations will follow: Ricardo Jacinto, Hugo Brito, Hugo Guerreiro, André Dias and Miguel Wandschneider, besides the internal help coming from the Drawing department. At the end of 2005 there are other interventions: Rui Mourão, João Lopes, João Pedro Rodrigues, Frederico Sampaio, Paulo Trancoso, João Fiadeiro and Paulo Rebelo. Between 2006 and 2008 some ex-students are invited to take responsabilities in the training program (Maria Mire, Maria Jorge Martins and Victor Jorge Gomes), helping to stabilize the overall program in terms of its contents, while still following a policy of resorting to special guests (Klaus Filip, Arnold Haberl, Lauro António, Gustavo Sumpta, Rachel Reupke, Pedro Paiva and João Maria Gusmão, João Miguel Fernandes Jorge, Emídio Buchinho, Carlos Santos, Tiago Guedes, Rui Moreira, João Perry, Edmundo Cordeiro, Pedro Paixão, Maria João Branco, Vítor Pomar, Paulo Raposo, Carlos Zíngaro, Nuno Mourão, João Dias, Luísa Homem, Augusto M. Seabra, Rui Chafes and Pedro Costa). The department also begins its programming of initiatives in collaboration with other entities and its participations in public events. Examples are, for instance, the exhibitions “Cinema e Imagem em Movimento no Ar.Co” and “Exercícios”, respectively in 2007 and 2008 at the Galeria Arte Contempo, Lisbon, the cycle “A Imagem Fixa na Imagem em Movimento” at the Cinemateca Portuguesa in 2008, the “Ar.Co/Canon Award” in a partnership in 2010 with Canon Portugal SA and the Bazar do Vídeo, the participation in “CINESC - 1º Festival Nacional de Curtas-Metragens para Escolas de Cinema” in 2010, at the Cinema City Alvalade in Lisbon and the exhibition “Projecção-Edifício Manifesto” at the Ordem dos Arquitectos in May 2013 (a collaboration with Artéria and the Associação Renovar a Mouraria). In May 2014 Luísa Homem steps in and shares the function of head of department with Marcelo Costa. She leaves in 2018 and Maria Mire steps in to share that position with Marcelo Costa. 

  • Large duchamp grande vidro 2005 trabalho de grupo.jpg

    Group exercise "Duchamp: The Large Glass". 2005.

  • Large constanca arouca

    Constança Arouca. Video still. "Untitled", 2005.

  • Large w

    BES workshop. Cinema/Movement Image. Ar.Co, Lisboa, 2007.

  • Large avalia  o 2005 06 07

    Evaluation of work as installation exercise. 2005/2006

  • Large img 0323xxxx

    Cinema/Movement Image workshop - "LLoopp". Ar.Co and RE.AL, Lisbon, 2006.

  • Large dscf3172xxxx

    Presentation at Ar.Co Lisbon of invited artists Von Calhau, as part of the Cinema/Movement Image department's program, 2015.

  • Large w cinema narrativo 2010 2

    Ar.Co. Cinema/Movement Image. "Narrative Cinema" workshop. 2010. João Perry.

  • Large laborat 2007 2008 4

    Lab. Cinema/Movement Image. Ar.Co, Lisbon. 2007/2008.

  • Large ex sobre beckett 2010

    Cinema/Movement Image. Lab, Ar.Co, Lisbon. Class exercise on Beckett. 2010.

  • Large w cinema narrativo 2010

    Ar.Co. Cinema/Movement Image. "Narrative Cinema" workshop. 2010.

  • Large laborat 2007 2008

    Lab. Cinema/Movement Image. Ar.Co, Lisbon. 2007/2008.

  • Large img 0319xxxxx

    Cinema/Movement Image workshop - "LLoopp". Ar.Co and RE.AL, Lisbon, 2006.

  • Large w cinema fount footage 2007

    Cinema/Movement Image. "Found Footage" workshop. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2007.

  • Large  cid ii i4pxbq5a1 14ad00b226efd0ae

    Presentation at Ar.Co Lisbon of invited artists Von Calhau, as part of the Cinema/Movement Image department's program, 2015.

  • Large  mg 9548xxxx

    Workshop "Cinema: Documentary and Fiction", oriented by Marcelo Costa and Victor Jorge at the National Theatre of S. Carlos, Lisbon, 2016.