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In 1987, Teresa Seabra presents at Artefacto 3 the work of the five jewellers connected to Ar.Co who had, in the previous year, participated in the prestigious show “European Crafts Today” (Tokyo and Osaka, 1986). The selections for the international show, organised by JCDA/Japan Crafts and Design Association, had been the responsibility (at a European level) of the Maison des Métiers d’Art Français, with the Cooperativa Árvore of Oporto carrying out the Portuguese selection. The monumental exhibition in Japan included 2000 objects, both decorative and utilitarian, 800 of which represented EU countries. The pieces come from areas connected to the technologies of glass, textiles, ceramics, wood and metal. Cristina Filipe, Manuel Júlio, Filomeno Pereira de Sousa, Pedro Cruz and Marília Maria Mira represent Portugal in the event and constitute the “Lisboa” in “Tokyo/Osaka/Lisboa”.

  • Large a tokyo osaka lisboa 1987 artefacto 3

    Folder for the exhibition "Tokyo/Osaka/Lisboa" at Galeria Artefacto 3, Lisbon, 1987. Design Ana Filipa.