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Oficina de Fotografia Batalha 83

At the invitation of the Museu de Santa Maria da Vitória, at Batalha, Ar.Co organizes in September of 1983 a Photography workshop that departs from the intense work of the participants themselves in a group including elements connected to several teaching institutions (Ar.Co, the Cooperativa Árvore from Oporto, the Cooperativa Diferença from Lisbon, Ether, the Lisbon School of Fine Arts and the private school IADE). The photographers in charge of the workshop are Nicola Sapieha, Jacques Minassian, Maria do Carmo Galvão Teles and Manuel Silveira Ramos. The main objective of the experience is to practice with large format cameras. Individual and group works are exhibited at the Museum/Monastery in October/November of 1984, the participants being Alberto Picco, António Ventura, Francisco Salgueiro, Helena Teixeira, José Soudo and Mika.

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    Catalogue for "Oficina de Fotografia Batalha 83", 1984.