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Individual Project

Throughout time, Ar.Co has made use of this training option in a number of different ways. The information brochure of 1975 characterizes  “Project Phase” (its earlier designation) as the last step in the successive stages leading to a full program: Introduction, Phase 1, Phase 2, Project Phase. The “participant submits a specialized work proposal to the board. Once it has been aproved, he or she will execute this project with a free schedule, with the Association’s support and the collaboration of other institutions and entities.”  The Project stage thus implies added freedom and responsability, since the resources at the candidate’s disposal go beyond the type of support provided in the classroom – they become more adequate to the student’s orientation, availability and real objectives.  Ar.Co’s present day website characterization of “Individual Project” is quite similar to what it used to be in 1975, although revealing a degree of openness inherent to the understanding that different departments will have as to the “proper use” of this training stage: “Individual Project [is] a relatively informal unit when compared with other courses [and] is characterized by a more personalized study programme and a by variable duration in time. Work is produced under the orientation and direct responsibility of a tutor/teacher (or eventually more than one). The exact forms of tutor orientation and of the participant’s access to school equipments, spaces, services and course attendance are decided on the basis of each case’s specific needs.”  In a school whose history is characterized by a very elastic and open view of what training programs should be, Individual Project is emblematic of Ar.Co’s conceptions of “learning”: each case is different from any other.

  • Large cintra

    João Martins. Individual Project - Jewellery. "Untitled", 1997. Horn, wood and gold leaf.

  • Large fredns final

    Frederico NS. Individual Project - Photography. "Untitled" (V.2000), 2000. Ilfachrome.

  • Large exp. novos  projectos   finalistas e bolseiros do ar.co 2001 . parte ii   miguel gomes   proj

    Miguel Gomes. Individual Project – Jewellery. “Empty space in the hand”, 2001. Pink quartz, silver and acrylic.

  • Large exp. nova fotografia e v deo   finalistas e bolseiros do ar.co 2001   parte i   t nia sim es projecto ind. fotografia

    Tânia Simões. Individual Project - Photography. "Flare 0,5", 2001. Black and white photography.

  • Large 333 3362 3

    Tiago Jesus. Individual Project - Ceramics. "Mutant Vase", 2006. Mixed techniques; stoneware; Temoku glaze in reduction.

  • Large nunohenriquecalcodeinscricao47113x1872010

    Nuno Henrique. Individual Project - Drawing. "O velho Dragoeiro que existia na Ponta do Garajau caiu ao mar durante uma chuvada intensa de sudeste, ocorrida no equinócio de Outono de 1982", 2009. Wet paper pressed onto stone inscription.

  • Large manuel su rez eir s desoculixxxx

    Manuel Suárez Eirís. Individual Project - Drawing and Cinema/Movement Image. "Desocultamento - Hospital Júlio de Matos". 2009. Video.

  • Large dsc 0421

    Pedro Calhau. Individual Project - Fine Arts. "Untitled", 2011. Oil on canvas.

  • Large 2011 typhaine le monnier fase projecto 1

    Typhaine Le Monnier. Individual Project - Jewellery. 2011. Ring - brass, stone and plastic.

  • Large arcobolsfin2013expo 0041

    Dileydi Florez. Applied Project in Illustration. 2012-13. Gouache, paper.

  • Large alexander husum1

    Alexander Husum. Individual Project - Photography. "Paper portals IV", 2013. Ink jet print.

  • Large arcobolsfin2013expo 0036

    Pablo Barreiro. Individual Project - Ceramics. "Column", 2014. Porcelain.

  • Large arcoexpout2014 0032xxxx

    Maria Ana Vasco Costa. Individual Project - Ceramics. "Untitled". Glazed stoneware and earthenware. 2014.