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Apart from a few ad-hoc  initiatives related to school training, music at Ar.Co consists, more often than not, of  performances or concerts that take place at Rua de Santiago 18. Some of the silent movies seen in the course of the intensive cinema program organized by the school between 1973 and 1984 may, for instance, be accompanied by the improvisations of  Jorge Peixinho’s Grupo de Música Contemporânea. Music is present in scenic events, performances or multi-disciplinary experiments, but it also appears in more traditional formats – concerts or recitals. As early as 1973, José Alberto Gil and the Companhia de Ópera Buffa (the future Marionetas de S. Lourenço e o Diabo) present their “musical comedies”, while jazz steps in with Carlos Zíngaro and Celso de Carvalho’s Grupo Plexus. Until the beginnings of the 1980’s there will be a little (and sometimes a lot) of everything: Manuel Morais’ The Segréis de Lisboa, the Grupo Metais de Lisboa, the Grupo Coral Vértice, the Quinteto Vária, the Indian sitar of Rais Kahn, concerts promoted by the Adimus-Associação Portuguesa para a Divulgação da Música de Câmara, Jorge Mata’s choir Cantus Firmus, duets with Olga Prats and Ana Bela Chaves, Jorge Lima Barreto and Rui Reininho’s Anar Jazz Band (integrated in the 1977 “Alternativa Zero”, with E.M. Melo e Castro, Silvestre Pestana and visuals by José Conduto), Carlos Paredes, Jorge Peixinho (whose presence is almost hegemonic for a period of time) and his Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa. The list of performers goes on: the canadian trio One/Third/Ninth/Trio, Rui Calapez and Carlos Trindade, Paulo Brandão’s Coral Públia Hortênsia, the Grupo de Recolha e Divulgação de Música Popular da Juventude Musical Portguesa, the Estoril Baroque Ensemble, Carlos Franco’s Trio Antiqua, Clotilde Rosa and Luísa de Vasconcelos, Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Barbara Raciborska, Christa Ruppert, Rui Pereira, Carlos Trindade and Martin Mayes, John Zaradin and many others. After this intense musical period music will only return to Ar.Co with the creation, in 2004/2005, of the “Vídeo/Som e Novos Media de Autor” department  (later to be called Cinema/Movement Image). Ricardo Guerreiro is responsible for the Sound Lab course subject (“Laboratório de Som”), dealing with sound recording and transformation technology, and more concerts and sound events will eventually take place: In 2006, at the opening of Ar.Co’s Scholarship Students & Finalists exhibition (Pavilhão Preto, Museu da Cidade), Ricardo Guerreiro and Pedro Quintas will give an audiovisual performance consisting of  real-time sound and image transformation of sounds recorded during the show’s build-up. In 2011, music returns to the garden of Rua de Santiago 18 with GRANULAR (duo @c - Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais + André Rangel), following a workshop at the Cinema/Movement Image department that includes the collaboration of Carlos Zíngaro.

  • Large quinteto v ria   junho 1976

    Vária Quintet. Ar.Co, June 1976.

  • Large concerto c tara indiana 1976

    Indian Sitar Concert. Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1976.

  • Large entre ruidos a musica   concerto de carlos trindade  martim mayes e rui pereira   nov. 1978

    Concert by Carlos Trindade, Martin Mayes and Rui Pereira, Ar.Co, November 1978.

  • Large fredns ar.co bef 2005 pt2xxxxx

    Ricardo Guerreiro and Pedro Quintas. Audiovisual performance at the opening of Ar.Co's "Scholarship Students and Finalists" exhibition, Museu da Cidade (Black Pavillion), Lisbon, 2006.

  • Large dsc 0057x

    Audiovisual performance by GRANULAR with the duo @c + André Rangel at Ar.Co's garden, Lisbon, 2011.

  • Large dsc 0007xxxxx

    Audiovisual performance by GRANULAR with Pedro Lopes and António Jorge Gonçalves at Ar.Co, Lisbon, 2011.

  • Large grupo m sica contempor nea   jorge peixinho   1978 79

    Contemporary Music Group (Grupo de Música Contemporânea)with Jorge Peixinho, Ar.Co, Lisbon, 1978-79.

  • Large david maranha ensemble abr 2015

    Concert by the David Maranha Ensemble, with Pedro Sousa, Rodrigo Amado, David Maranha and Gabriel Ferrandini. Ar.Co Lisbon, 2015.

  • Large coro vertice hamorinazoes populares

    Vértice Choir, "Harmonizações populares", Ar.Co, 1976.

  • Large grupo de recolha de musica popular1977

    Grupo de Recolha de Música Popular, Ar.Co's garden, Lisbon, 1977.

  • Large 1978grupo de musica contemporanea jorge peixinho primeiro semestre 78 79 03

    Grupo de Música Contemporânea. Ar.Co Lisbon, 1978.